Wonderworld: The Valley of Lost Souls

A SyFy techno-thriller about time, space, and the enduring truth of love-by Patricia L. Meek.

The White Rabbit: A.I. Art by Patricia L. Meek.

“No one anticipated how many virtual adventurers would resonate with the Victorian tale of a young girl who falls down a rabbit hole and enters a fanciful dis-reality about time. Five hundred million members have docked at our VR ports, paid their data coin, and have slid down the rabbit hole into Wonderworld.”

–Alyson Keane, world builder, and creator of Wonderworld. From Wonderworld: The Valley of Lost Souls, a novel by Patricia L. Meek, seeking representation.

Excited to announce that A DIALOGUE WITH GEORGIA O’KEEFFE lll: THE SIMPLE TRUTH OF LIGHT has been selected for the 2022 Monologues & Poetry International Film Fest. Thank you to my creative team, Circling Hawk Productions, and to Morgan Velasquez!!!

The 2022 Monologues & Poetry International Film Fest is pleased to provide a platform for word-based solid performances with the skillful expression of thoughts, emotions, feelings, anxieties, or humor.
Monologues & Poetry International is offering two screening events; a Limited Live Screening event will take place at the Mira Theater Guild in Vallejo, CA, on December 10th, 2022; with a 2-day screening lineup taking place at the Online Private Event on Saturday and Sunday, December 17th & 18th.

Meet the characters of Wonderworld: Valley of Lost Souls-seeking representation.

Queen Mother AbysssX

“The Queen Mother peers at the bird with her splendid and awful countenance. She smiles, and her teeth are like perfect pearls. When she turns to gaze upon me again, her pupils split wide, revealing her yellow-green snake eyes. She is an alien, the Anu Monarch AbysssX, mistress of Multiverses. I lower my gaze, harboring disdain for my cowardice. I have no choice. I have heard the rumors she can turn one to stone,” Ryone Roberts.

Patricia L. Meek from Wonderworld: The Valley of Lost Souls. (All A.I. Artwork By Patricia L. Meek).

Alyson Keane is the heroine and creator of a massive multi-player game called Wonderworld. The VR game is based on the Victorian novel of Alice in Wonderland. But something is terribly wrong with the software. Gamers have disappeared.

“I saw a brown-eyed girl with blue rings around her irises like rings around a distant planet that felt like home.”

Ryone Roberts: From Wonderworld: The Valley of Lost Souls by Patricia L Meek. 

Uli, a goddess and Earth protector. The mother of us all.

“Uli is the protector of this planet. She is creation and destruction, a force to be reckoned with,” Queen Mother AbysssX to Ryone Roberts.  

“I met Ryone Roberts, who is different enough to be intriguing. If anyone is a hybrid-alien, it would have to be him. “

Alyson Keane, from Wonderworld: The Valley of Lost Souls.
Traceson. Alyson’s ex-boyfriend and world renowned hacker.

“I need a Wetware hacker, and Traceson is the best.” Alyson Keane. 

Alyson’s best friend, Marika.

“Marika’s face floats in the window above her text. She is a beauty with her curly auburn-cherry hair, coco lowlights, and latte-toned skin. I asked her to be discreet in our communication as it is a small town, and I’d like to keep my comings and goings as private as possible.”

Alyson, in Wonderworld: The Valley of Lost Souls.

A.I. ART for Wonderworld

Here are my first A.I. generated images for my new novel, Wonderworld: A Valley of Lost Souls

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