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My new promo video for Noah: a supernatural eco-thriller. I am teaching myself how to use A.I. art to create my own videos. Thanks for watching.

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Proud that my video poem, “A Dialogue with Georgia O’Keeffe: The Simple Truth of Light,” will be screened at this film festival on April 29th.

Excited to announce that A DIALOGUE WITH GEORGIA O’KEEFFE lll: THE SIMPLE TRUTH OF LIGHT has been selected for the 2023 International Poetry Film Festival in Los Angeles, California. Thank you to my creative team, Circling Hawk Productions, and to Morgan Velasquez!!!

Excited to announce that A DIALOGUE WITH GEORGIA O’KEEFFE lll: THE SIMPLE TRUTH OF LIGHT has been selected for the 2022 Monologues & Poetry International Film Fest. Thank you to my creative team, Circling Hawk Productions, and to Morgan Velasquez!!!

The 2022 Monologues & Poetry International Film Fest is pleased to provide a platform for word-based solid performances with the skillful expression of thoughts, emotions, feelings, anxieties, or humor.
Monologues & Poetry International is offering two screening events; a Limited Live Screening event will take place at the Mira Theater Guild in Vallejo, CA, on December 10th, 2022; with a 2-day screening lineup taking place at the Online Private Event on Saturday and Sunday, December 17th & 18th.

Meet the characters of Wonderworld: Valley of Lost Souls-seeking representation.

Queen Mother AbysssX

“The Queen Mother peers at the bird with her splendid and awful countenance. She smiles, and her teeth are like perfect pearls. When she turns to gaze upon me again, her pupils split wide, revealing her yellow-green snake eyes. She is an alien, the Anu Monarch AbysssX, mistress of Multiverses. I lower my gaze, harboring disdain for my cowardice. I have no choice. I have heard the rumors she can turn one to stone,” Ryone Roberts.

Patricia L. Meek from Wonderworld: The Valley of Lost Souls. (All A.I. Artwork By Patricia L. Meek).

Alyson Keane is the heroine and creator of a massive multi-player game called Wonderworld. The VR game is based on the Victorian novel of Alice in Wonderland. But something is terribly wrong with the software. Gamers have disappeared.

“I saw a brown-eyed girl with blue rings around her irises like rings around a distant planet that felt like home.”

Ryone Roberts: From Wonderworld: The Valley of Lost Souls by Patricia L Meek. 

Uli, a goddess and Earth protector. The mother of us all.

“Uli is the protector of this planet. She is creation and destruction, a force to be reckoned with,” Queen Mother AbysssX to Ryone Roberts.  

“I met Ryone Roberts, who is different enough to be intriguing. If anyone is a hybrid-alien, it would have to be him. “

Alyson Keane, from Wonderworld: The Valley of Lost Souls.
Traceson. Alyson’s ex-boyfriend and world renowned hacker.

“I need a Wetware hacker, and Traceson is the best.” Alyson Keane. 

Alyson’s best friend, Marika.

“Marika’s face floats in the window above her text. She is a beauty with her curly auburn-cherry hair, coco lowlights, and latte-toned skin. I asked her to be discreet in our communication as it is a small town, and I’d like to keep my comings and goings as private as possible.”

Alyson, in Wonderworld: The Valley of Lost Souls.

Video Release: “A Dialogue with Georgia O’Keefe III: The Simple Truth of Light.” Released on my mother’s, Belinda V. Meek, Memorial. Memorial Day Weekend, 2022.

This poem first published by Glint Journal

Special Thanks to my new creative team, Circling Hawk Productions

Voice: Morgan Velasquez from Jack Rabbit Hollow Productions.

My poem, “The Juvenile Bear with Gold Earrings,” is now out! Doubly Mad Journal. Summer, 2021.




leave strips of trimmed fat

from our pork loins, 

along with a discarded Yukon Gold,

laden with generous pats

of sweet cream, salted butter, 

and bacon crumbles as we 

flee the ashen rain at The Timbers.

The Juvenile Bear with a yellow tag in each ear 

swipes the loaded potato

with the skillful agility of a major

league catcher. 

Padded paws like mitts, no bone

china is broken.


Poor men scavenge

harvested dirt rows the week before,

gleaning what the Spudnik had not pulled. 

Flour sacks heavy with worry and coup, 

their tongues click on about the measure of their dogs,

their chickens and their children. 

They lift furtive glances toward the red rim

of a distant forest fire that has driven

the bears down the mountain and wonder when 

the ferocious raiders will return.

On the dawn of a different day,

a frenzy of hungry bears tore open the belly

of a lame cow. Now shotguns are always loaded,

close at hand, in dusty Ford pickup trucks.

Poor men know what to do with thieves.


The chief chef from Guadalajara at The Timbers

presses his palm against the blade’s back,

opens the tuber as fresh as manioc.

There’s a photo inside his 

flaked-leather wallet 

of his forever-little-girl 

whom he hears is all grown up in Mexico.

There’s talk in the kitchen

of a twelve-year-old whose calf was split open

on the wooded trail just above the tree line

by a mother bear.

The child survived.

Gracias a Dios.

The protective bear.


This chef knows survival is the reason

he cooks in America.


A blaze roars in the river stone fireplace

at The Timbers. Crystal water glasses shine 

in this warmth. Four inches less snow

this season, hardly worth the price of air.

Seconds before, we were driven

in by the sudden occurrence

of frozen rain. It slashes at the blue


There’s a sinking into the pleasures

of the hearth, a return to comfort

and the deserved luxury 

of buttering warm bread and tipping back wine.                                                                                            

A child’s gleeful alarm shatters this settling.

“Mommy, look. It’s a bear with gold earrings!”

We crowd the windowpane,

admire the brown beauty’s youthful.          

agility, a circus performance, a major leaguer

complete with a yellow tag in each ear.                           

We snapchat smartphone photographs,

take video with the latest generation

of Cinematix apps, and post on our Facebook Live.

Dancing from plate to plate,

the bear devours what is left of our fled feast.

We recognize its utter devotion to pleasure

and its risk of being labeled “bad bear.”

“Without his mother

he no longer remembers

how to be wild,” says

the chef, who’s emerged from

his kitchen to check on the commotion. 

“One more tag and he’ll be shot.

Waitstaff in crisp white uniforms

clap and stomp the bear back

down wet, wooden stairs

where it’s taken residence under the deck.


The bear retreats, but is drawn by the smell

of French fries, burgers, and ketchup as sweet as honey. 

Driven by hunger and insatiable desire,

it charges blindly up slippery stairs

where the memory of butter, pork, and potato 

glisters brighter than gold and fire. 

Pleased to announce that my poem, “Juvenile Bear with Gold Earrings,” has been accepted for publication in Doubly Mad Journal. Out this June, 2021.

Photo by Janko Ferlic on

Dear Patricia, 

We don’t normally respond so quickly to contributors, but we knew immediately that we wanted to include “The Juvenile Bear With Gold Earrings” in the upcoming issue of Doubly Mad, due out in June, 2021! Over the last few years, an amazing amount of poetry has come our way, and we often have a very hard time making our selections–but occasionally, it’s a no-contest. 

Thank you again for sharing this work with us. We are very excited to learn about your poetry! (We took a glance at your website and read your piece on O’Keefe–it is excellent!) 
Looking forward to hearing from you, 
William Welch

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