Rita Dove Finalist

I made it as a finalist for the International Literary Awards Rita Dove Award in Poetry. I did not win the first prize, but I am very honored to be recognized as a finalist as the competition is so very fierce. Thank you Center for Women Writers.


Black Swans 2016

Black Swans Baton Rouge

22 April 2016
Greetings, Patricia
Center for Women Writers
601 South Church Street Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27101
Thank you so much for entering “Weather,” into the 2016 International Literary Awards Rita Dove Award in Poetry.
Your poem has made it into the finalist round & will now be considered by the judge(s). Here are some remarks from our readers:
“ …beautifully crafted with great images such as, ‘hiking to a slot canyon’ and ‘dust indentations of what passed as rain in the night.’ …clean stanza breaks and skillful use of allusion. One of my favorites.”
“Absolutely gorgeous. The imagery is beautiful. The allusions are great. The form works well; the separation into sections aids the narrative flow.”
We wish you luck on this final round.

On behalf of the preliminary readers for Poetry–
~Neina Gordon, Faculty Fellow & Manager 2016 ILA

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